Cooperation with Pere Optika

Pere Optika, the second largest optical company in Estonia, collaborated with the Lithuanian startup Smart Vision to bring people the service of buying glasses through an e-shop. The cooperation between the two companies brings to Estonia a new experience of buying glasses not only in the biggest cities.

The main goal is to combine the skills and knowledge of both companies, 20 years of experience in optics and innovation in e-commerce, and the startup's approach to business. Smarter. Faster. Easier. These are 3 advantages for customers who use the online shop, which launched in the beginning of 2022 in Estonia.

"We entered a whole new era with this deal. Our customers have always been families - parents buy glasses for themselves and also for their children. Smart Vision's webshop sulution creates a completely new market for us - the younger generation, who are used to shopping in online stores and are also ready to buy glasses from the online store," says Jaan Põrk, CEO of Pere Optika.

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