About us


Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple. Glasses are too expensive. We experienced this ourselves, each time we were looking for new glasses, it was near to impossible to find good quality, affordable glasses, that wouldn't make our wallets bare. The question came naturally, why it is as it is and is there any options to change it?

Interesting fact - almost half of worlds population is wearing eyewear. We had to act and Smart Vision was born. It turns out that traditional Optician business is not very tech savy industry and very little innovation has been done. Customer experience hasn't really changed over last decade and most of supply chain tasks are manually handled. In addition to that traditional optics are quite expense to operate as a lot of their product price comes from expensive traditional shops, logistics and ect.



We pitched our idea to investors, worked persistently to proove concept of our Startup and create a product. After sleepless nights now at Smart Vision you can buy your glasses at half price, find your new stylish frames and get them delivered in just few days. Forget about long waiting times or expensive prescription eyewear. Smart Vision is a new age Optician.



In 2019 we started working on our omni-channel concept.Within a year, we came up with the solution. We cut the middle man out, bypassed the traditional channels and employed technology. We started producing our own high quality, European certified lenses, built online shops across whole Europe with few showrooms for convenient eyechecks and frame try ons. In addition, we introduced never seen before features, to help our customers shop smarter and easier than ever.

We have kept our customers' shopping experience as our main priority. Launching Free Home Try-on service that helps choice your frames at a comfort of your home is just the begging. In addition Virtual Try-on helps you find your new looks in online with just few clicks.

As pandemic shook the world, we entered a new optomtery era and introduced 1st cloud-based remote eyecheck services, keeping the highest eyecare standards and lowering pandemic spread risks. Up till this day, around 60% of our eyechecks are made remotely.

Now we are already operating in 9 European markets, and expanding further.


We believe, that buying glasses has to be easy, fun and affordable for everyone.



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